Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or treat

we took the kids to the mall to do alil indoor treak or treatin, since it was so cold.The boys dressed up as hobos.. they were super cute.. I dressed up as a hippie and of course cody changed his mind last minute and dressed up as a gladiator... We all had a good time. It was fun to dress up and kinda act like a kid again... I will post some pics of us later.. im sure yal will get a kick out of them.. i most say we looked a site

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Me and two other mothers iv met up here, got thekids together and let them eat cupcakes and make cookies.. they had a blast. sawyer was eating the dough rather then making cookies. Out of the kids he was the only one who actually eat his cupcake and not just lick the frosting.. as u can see in the pics below

Friday, October 29, 2010

pumpkin patch

The pictures below were us at the pumpkin patch bout 2 weeks ago... It was kinda a let down.. i thought the boys would just be tickled to death, but werent. i tryed to get some cute pics but not so sure if i got any...

The other ones were just taken at lunchtime today.. Bryton was pretending he was on the phone with Nana..(the only reason while there was a smile on his face). he hates pics and usually gives me a fake smile...

my lil bryton

Me, bryton, and sawyer were playing hide and seek. usually when we play i act like i cnt see bryton for a few min to make the game last alil longer. so today when i was hideing, he saw me looked right at me and kept looking around the room.. It was so funny, bc he was laughing so hard the entire time.. Of course sawyer is on my team so he usually gives me away.. its totally not fair... Bryton will cry if he thinks sawyer wants to hide with him, i guess he still alil young for hide and seek.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

a good supper

so i cooked some really good speghatti tonight. of course im on a diet so didnt get to enjoy it!!! but i made homemade sauce, for the first time.. my husband ate 3 plates of it.. it is so rewarding to cook a good meal and know he enjoyed that much..

Missing home

We have now been in wyoming for a month and we miss home and family very much..... Bryton misses everyone so much. He talks bout Nana all day and of course he fav peopl mikaela, eli, mercie, and silas... We are having a good time though.. we have taken the kids to a pumpkin patch. they really enjoyed that... sawyer has taken a interest in football, so we watch it all day staurdays.. they both have grown and changed so much cant wait to be back home

bryton eatin strawberries

bryton eatin strawberries

sawyer just woke up

sawyer just woke up